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b.1984, M., Russia

“Aleksandra de Pan is a painter of Russian origin – born in Moscow in 1984 – who now lives in Florence, where she recognizes in the Renaissance heritage a sense of profound affinity with her own artistic feeling and action. Instinctive, intuitive and gestural, Aleksandra's creative streak is included in a mature style where elements of surrealism and expressionism of Central European culture converge.

The result is a personal and dynamic painting, classic and conceptual at the same time, like a flow of images and feelings that flows from an intimate penetration of reality. The passion for art was born in her as a child, when she discovered Picasso and cubism at an early age, but above all surrealism, which is revealed in that psychic automatism through which, as Breton teaches, one aims to externalise, through the arts, words and images in total freedom, as a direct expression of the unconscious. Although she graduated in a non-artistic discipline, she indulged her innate inclination for the figurative arts, studying for three years at the Moscow Institute of Design, where she acquired the basic knowledge of academic painting. If this choice for Aleksandra de Pan is an awareness of her own artistic potential, it is subsequently with the move to Italy - when she comes into direct contact with the rich artistic, historical, cultural and natural heritage - that she consolidates her own style: a intense, made of glances in mid-air, burning flames, surreal backgrounds with the colors of the sky and the sea, floating figures, closed mouths emerging in the void of eyeless faces.

A fascinating microcosm, seductive, with strong and at the same time gentle colours, with subjects wrapped in a dreamlike atmosphere, reminiscent of the soft colors of the Russian expressionist painter Marc Chagall and the magical realism theorized by the German art critic Franz Roh.”



Upcoming July 2024 - San Gimignano, Italy

May - June, 2024 – Eternal Melody, Brancacci Art Gallery, Florence, Italy  





March, 2024 - collective exhibition "Perché donna", Galleria Furio del Furia, with Municipal Patronage of Foiano della Chiana, Italy




September, 2023 – EXPO: Maissane Design 2023, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

May, 2023 - Psiche, Amadeo Modigliani Foundation, Rome, Italy

April, 2023 – collective exhibition Brancacci Art Gallery, Florence, Italy

March, 2023 – EXPO: World Art Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates



October, 2022 - AQUA, 18th edition of the Giornata del Contemporaneo, Rossocinabro Gallery sponsored by AMACI (Association of Italian Contemporary Art Museums), Rome, Italy

June, 2022 – Art & Wine Festival, Dürnstein Abbey, Austria

May, 2022 - Anima Mundi 2022 – Consciousness, ITSLIQUID International Art Fair, Venice, Italy

March, 2022 – Tredonne, Area Contesa Arte Gallery, Rome, Italy
January, 2022 – Virtual Exhibitions Clash, The Holy Art Gallery, London, England




December, 2021- Febuary, 2022 – Biennale Fondazione Amadeo Modigliani, Venice, Italy

July, 2021 – Spoleto ARTE, Spoleto, Italy

June, 2021 - Artista dell’anno 2020, Effeto Arte Gallery, Palermo, Italy


Brancacci Art Gallery, Florence, Italy



Art Squat (2024)

MagazineArt (2024)

Al-Tiba9 (2024)

FUL Magazine (2023)

Magzoid Magazine (2023)

Artistcloseup (2022)

Exibart Prize (2022)

Artvesti (2022)

DEZN (2022)



Included in the Modern Art Catalog of Italy (Catalogo dell’Arte Moderna) N59

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