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May 13th, 2022 - June 3rd, 2022
during the 59th Venice Biennale of Art 2022


Venue: Palazzo Bembo - Venice Grand Canal

Address: Riva del Carbon, 4793 – 4785, 30124 Venice, Italy

Vernissage: May 13th, 2022, from 5PM till 8PM

Artist Aleksandra de Pan is being featured with her work UNION in the group exhibition CONSCIOUSNESS, organised by ITSLIQUID Group, in collaboration with Venice Events, ACIT Venice – Italian-German Cultural Association.


The exhibition takes place in one of the late Gothic Venetian buildings built in the right middle of the famous Canal Grande, a few meters from the renowned Rialto Bridge - in Palazzo Bembo - which name comes from the humanist and literary cardinal Pietro Bembo, known for the so-called “linguistic question” during the Italian XV century.


CONSCIOUSNESS is a second appointment of festival ANIMA MUNDI 2022. The festival focuses on the concept of ANIMA MUNDI, that according to several historical cultures, religions and philosophical systems, is an intrinsic connection between all living entities on the planet, which relates to the world in a similar way as the human soul is connected to the human body.

ANIMA MUNDI is the invisible energy behind all the natural and artificial elements that allows the planet to live. Thanks to the hidden connections, all the ecosystems of the Earth, before and after the appearance of mankind, found their equilibrium, their ways to live and to develop themselves, to transform and to evolve. All the beings of the planet, plants, minerals, animals are permeated by a secret force that has always stimulated human thought and research.

The festival aims to discover these multiple forms of hidden connections between the soul and the body, mankind and the natural elements, the natural spaces and the cities.

Click here to download the press folder.

OPENING May 13, 2022 | 05:00PM
Palazzo Bembo - Venice Grand Canal
First floor
Riva del Carbon 4794, 30124 Venezia, Italia
Click here to book your ticket | Free entry

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